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We are excited to partner with you for your dermatologic and aesthetic needs!

Iniatation fee of $150 for all memberships and the first month of your membership is due at the start of the program.  

All monthly charges are non-refundable. Patients must provide current, complete and accurate purchase and account information. Patients agree to update their account and other information, including email address and credit card numbers, so that we can complete your transactions on a timely basis.  We will bill the 5th of each month.

Patients agree that it is their responsibility to book their own appointments. Certain treatments may require a minimum number of recovery days before the next treatment may begin. Patient understands that they may not be able to receive all the included treatments at once or close in time due to medical reasons. Patients are highly encouraged to schedule their appointments at least one week in advance to ensure that your preferred time and treatment or service is available.  We will work with you to create a program that is suitable to your needs as well as recommendations on when your services should be done.

Twelve month minimum commitment; memberships canceled before the twelve months will be billed for the entire term. After Membership cancellation requires 30 day notice which must be given before the next billing cycle (on or around the 5th  of every month) and in writing.  Email is preferred method with an email confirmation from Love Dermatology & Aesthetics. Membership services can rollover/accumulate to the next month(s), but accumulated services are lost upon cancellation. Memberships are not sharable or transferable.

By agreeing to this membership and signing below, you are allowing us to keep your credit card on file.  You also authorize Love Dermatology & Aesthetics to charge your credit card above for the agreed upon amount (Silver $109 per month, Gold $179 per month, Platinum $239 per month).

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